Lockpicking Hamburg

A series of pictures I took as part of my exam of eligibility at the University of Apllied Science Hannover for their studies in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. The given task was to photograph “Aufbruch” which can be understood as a breakup, a departure or in this case – as a play on words – as breaking a lock. Therefore I visited the Lockpicking-group in Hamburg, took some pictures and learned to open easy locks on my own. (Anyways, it’s important for them to emphasise that they’re not literally breaking the lock but open it without any damage. And of course only their own locks respectively on request!)






I went hunting in Hamburg to shoot another series on the topic “Aufbruch” with another meaning and will show those pictures within the next days. Nevertheless, these pictures are those which I handed in at the examination in Hannover. There were some other tasks to fullfill as part of the exam. Those pictures will also show up within the next days.